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What I do

I am so excited that you are looking to partner with me on your journey to health. 

Don’t you find there is so much conflicting information out there about what the ultimate diet is and what we should and shouldn’t be eating in order to live our healthiest life and be the best version of ourselves!? It is so overwhelming and sadly, tainted with methods that do not promote long term health as they involve the exclusion of food groups which provide essential nutrients.

As a registered holistic nutritional practitioner,  I am here to help you achieve your life long optimum health goal by navigating you through the sea of information and offering science based, proper nutrition.

I can help you uncover the underlying cause of the health problems you are experiencing. Instead of  “band-aiding”  the symptoms, we work together to get to the root cause of the condition that is impacting negatively on your health. I use science, evidence-based research, and functional tests to assess and address underlying nutritional and biochemical imbalances. I then recommend a personalised eating plan, lifestyle adjustments and may possibly even recommend a high-quality supplement plan specific to your individual needs. 

We are all biochemically unique which means I don’t apply a “one-size-fits-all”  approach when I work with my clients

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Why nutritional therapy?

The current medical system is fantastic at acute care and emergencies. Today, we are faced with a situation where more and more adults and children are being diagnosed with chronic health conditions i.e. long-term illness.  The health system focuses on the diagnosis and then medication to get rid of the symptom. It is great at telling us what is wrong but does not always tell is us “why”.

​At Be Well With Mel, my role in your journey to optimum health is to find the reasons why your body isn’t functioning properly – be it digestive problems, fatigue, skin issues, anxiety, inflammation, food intolerance, allergies, autoimmune issues, hormonal imbalances, menopause, diabetes, fertility, weight issues, learning and behavioural issues, unexplained illness… the list goes on. I’m not so concerned with the diagnosis or the label of your health issue, but rather with finding out what is causing the problems. I am here to help your body heal itself and restore the function of its systems so as to provide long-term, sustainable health.

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